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Author of distinctive historical fiction
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Jean M. Roberts
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Jean M. Roberts is the author of three published novels of historical fiction set in Colonial America, Weave a Web of Witchcraft, Blood in the Valley and The Heron. Blood in the Valley was reviewed by the Historical Novel Society. Her third book, The Heron, is an Historical Fiction/Time Slip novel. The Frowning Madonna is her covid opus, a work of historical fantasy. 2022. Jean is a graduate of The University of St. Thomas, an Air Force Veteran,  and lives outside of Houston, Texas with her husband. 

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Light and Shadow

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Imaginary friends are not real—or are they?

A freak accident, a mysterious portrait and an imaginary friendship takes Magda O’Toole on a journey of self-discovery. Her search for answers leads her to Toluca, Mexico, where she meets a handsome Professor, Miguel Villatoro, and encounters the ghostly apparition of a woman long dead.

Her desire to reconnect with a childhood friend, pulls Magda into the past—its 1836 and the Texas Revolution gathers momentum. Trapped and unable to return home, she travels with the Mexican Army deep into enemy territory, witnessing the events of the war.

With only a tenuous hold on her old life, Magda must find a way to return to Miguel and her time. As she struggles to survive, Magda learns the true meaning of friendship, love and courage. 

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The Frowning Madonna

Beware the hand that holds it…


It's 412 A.D., the Roman Empire is on the brink of collapse. In Albion, Lalia gathers with fellow supplicants to call on the goddess Cybele to aid their city of Londinium. It is a simple plan; lure her to the temple with Marcus, a handsome but reluctant priestly candidate. They succeed. The goddess animates her statue using the power of a golden orb, forged by Vulcan, the god of fire. A rival mob attacks; a melee ensues causing Cybele to drop her orb. Lalia retrieves it but in a panicked fight with Marcus, flings it into the River Thames. Without its power the goddess is trapped in her own statue. Before she turns to stone, Cybele lays a curse on Lalia's head; she is bound in a cycle of reincarnation and death. Only the return of the orb will set her free. 


Through a dozen lifetimes, Lalia chases the orb while jealous gods and goddess impede her way, manipulating the location of Cybele’s golden ball to suit their whims. As its fame grows, kings, queens and world leaders seek to harness the unlimited power of the orb. Faced with a world tearing itself apart with war, Lalia must choose between eternal death and saving the city she loves from destruction. 

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